nedpCPU-32 - 32-bit hobby kit based on PIC32MX110 (DIP28)


One of the earliest 32-bit hobby kits!
Licensed under CERN OHL v.1.1!
Based on PIC32MX110 in DIP package.
MIPS instruction set (using C language).

May work on 80 MHz.*

Internal or external crystal.

All I/O are 5V-tolerant.

Programmable by PICKit2 or PICKit3.

Sample source code: nedo32t1.c
(tested in MPLAB X beta).

* 40 MHz is recommended for DIP packages.


IC1: PIC32MX110F016B
IC2: LM1117T-3.3 or LD33
Q1: N/A (optional)
D1-D14: 1N4148 or 1N914
LED1: 5-mm Red LED
C1,C2: 10uF
C5: 10uF (ceramic!)
C3,C4,C6: 0.1uF (ceramic)
C7: 100uF
C8,C9: N/A (optional)
R1: 10 Ohm
R2: 10 kOhm
R3,R4: 470 Ohm
R5-R18: 220 Ohm
S1: tact.button
X1,X2,X3: 8-pin right angle headers
X4: power terminal
X5: 6-pin right angle header for ICSP
JP1: jumpers (see below)
and hardware to screw IC2 to the board

1-2: connect output of IC2 (+3.3V) to onboard power
3-4: connect X1.7 to input of IC2 (external power 5V or more)
5-6 and 7-8: connect X1.3 and X1.4 to PIC32 w/o Q1
9-10: connect C6 to reset circuit (open when ICSP)
X1.1 (A0)
X1.2 (A1)
X1.3 (A2) NC in case of ext.crystal
X1.4 (A3) NC in case of ext.crystal
X1.5 (A4)
X1.6 (3.3V)
X1.7 (Vcc)
X1.8 (Gnd)

X2.1 (B0)
X2.2 (B1)
X2.3 (B2)
X2.4 (B3)
X2.5 (B4)
X2.6 (B5)
X2.7 (B6)
X2.8 (B7)

X3.1 (C0) connected to B8 of PIC32
X3.2 (C1) connected to B9 of PIC32
X3.3 (C2) connected to B10 of PIC32
X3.4 (C3) connected to B11 of PIC32
X3.5 (C4) connected to B12 of PIC32
X3.6 (C5) connected to B13 of PIC32
X3.7 (C6) connected to B14 of PIC32
X3.8 (C7) connected to B15 of PIC32

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